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Providing the cross-functional skills required to manage today’s complex information environments.

Essential skills for today – and tomorrow


Information professionals must work across the spectrum and understand where IT, records management and business analysis meet.

You need cross-functional skills to stay relevant in the industry.

With digital transformation, the old ways of managing information have become ineffective and irrelevant. The key to our future is to build artificial intelligence into our information systems and make the systems to do the work.

We enable the automation of information governance by building software tools for enterprise metadata, taxonomy and ontology management. We provide expertise in the design of intelligent data models that support auto-classification and auto-appraisal, and build state-of-the art taxonomies and ontologies.

Integrative learning approach

Synercon delivers integrative learning – education and training that connects the multiple branches of information governance.

Our trainings program are designed to facilitate knowledge transfer between disciplines.

By incorporating the strengths and lessons learned of each profession, we help you build information governance instruments that are fit for today’s digital environment.

Continuous learning experience

We approach your training as a continuous learning experience which enables self-paced learning for teams and individuals. As part of our training programs you will receive:

  • On-demand learning sessions that are scheduled to keep pace with your learning needs
  • A personalised project site for continuous access to recordings of your training sessions,
  • Online training supports including online courses, how-to videos, quick start guides, infographics, tips and tricks.

Best practice advice from experts

As system design changes, so do the information governance instruments. But we still need to understand the underlying principles in order to build best practice instruments.

Our role is to teach you how to fish – to transfer knowledge and know-how through our training programs.

We aim to give you to achieve mastery of information governance tools and techniques.

We know how to do this stuff. Synercon has been designing software and building information governance instruments around the globe since 1998 – so we have a deep understanding of information governance processes and the ISO standards that govern them.

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