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One application – multiple solutions

a.k.a. software is your Swiss army knife for information governance – enabling you to build the multiple solutions you need for data and information governance.

One multi-tasking tool that does it all.

a.k.a.® 3 software can manage multiple information governance schemes  within  a single application.

Our objective was to build a revolutionary product where users could create any metadata element, any entity, any relationship and combine these into any structure, to be deployed into any information system.

This makes a.k.a.® 3 significantly different to all other metadata, taxonomy, architecture and governance products currently on the market.


Describing information assets

  • Managed metadata
  • Faceted classification schemes
  • Controlled vocabularies
  • Data catalogs
  • Glossaries

Finding information assets

  • Taxonomies for search
  • Folksonomies
  • Thesauri
  • Ontologies
  • Navigation schemes

Organizing information assets

  • Business classification schemes
  • File plans
  • Data maps
  • Information architectures

Managing information assets

  • Information asset registers
  • Records inventories
  • Legislation schedules
  • Retention and disposal schedules
  • Vital records registers

Creating bespoke controls

  • Bespoke schemes
  •  Registers
  • Schedules
  • Catalogs

Customizable out-of-the-box software


With best practice templates, a.k.a software is ready to use immediately but can be easily customized or configured to meet specific user needs or requirements.

With inbuilt wizards and drag and drop design tools, non-technical users can easily make configuration changes

Agile, extensible and scalable

Your organization is rapidly evolving and your information management needs keep changing.

Through mergers and acquisitions, or machinery of government changes,  you will acquire new terminology, systems and processes that need to be rapidly harmonized. 

We know that you need an agile product that can evolve and change in time and stay in tune with your information environment.

With its innovative configuration tools, a.k.a.® enables you to extend your data model in any direction.


a.k.a.® enables transformation of data from one state to another with minimal user intervention.

With our data exchange tools, your data can be visualized in a browser or converted into machine readable formats ready to be deployed into your information systems.

Designed for non-technical users

With a.k.a. you will be able to undertake complex tasks which are normally undertaken by IT specialists.

a.k.a. delivers code free functionality (mapping tools, wizards, scripts and templates) to simplify technical tasks like generating XML files and publishing interactive reports to the web.

Enabling automation of information governance

Information governance processes which are heavily dependent on quality metadata are ideal candidates for automation.

With a.k.a. you can design and create taxonomies, ontologies and appraisal models and convert these into machine readable data for upload into your auto-classification platform.

Connecting the past, present and future

With a.k.a. you can manage your information governance framework over time because current and legacy data can co-exist within the same database.

You don’t have to throw away your legacy schemes – chances are you will need to reference them some time in the future.

Managing information where it lives


With a variety of formats available, a.k.a. exchanges metadata and schemes with virtually every information system.

a.k.a. outputs XML, RDF, CSV and TXT to enable deployment into any information system that will import generic formats.  Utility tools enable conversion into specific import formats.

Customized API-based integrators facilitate data exchange with Windows Explorer, Office 365 (SharePoint) and Microfocus Content Manager (formerly HP TRIM).

Multi-jurisdictional and multilingual

Companies operating in a global environment need to output their data in multilingual formats.

a.k.a. enables multiple language renditions of each entity and scheme, with reports, imports and exports filtered by language.

a.k.a. software is ubiquitous

We know that you maintain multiple information systems.

a.k.a. is designed to integrate with any information system, current or future.

We make it easier for you to standardize and harmonize your language across ALL of your business systems.

a.k.a. provides you with functionality to create schemes for each of your different systems sourcing from standardized data in the a.k.a. Library.

Easy to use

Let a.k.a. do your heavy lifting.

a.k.a. enables non-technical users to develop complex structures for information systems without specialist IT support.


Manage your information governance framework across its lifespan.

Current and legacy data can happily co-exist in a.k.a. ensuring your long term governance.


a.k.a. is supported by a team of experienced information governance professionals.

We simplify the complexity of managing records and information.


a.k.a. is used by hundreds of organisations worldwide.

With its unparalleled versatility, a.k.a. is market-leading information governance solution.


Available in the cloud

Start immediately

Eliminate the hassle of onsite installation and maintenance. Deploying a.k.a. is as easy as sending you a URL.


Pay only for the access you need, without an up-front investment or long-term commitment.

Scalable licensing

Our licensing models are designed to suit your changing requirements.

Stay up to date

With a.k.a. online, you’ll always be working with the most up to date software releases.

Sound promising? See what a.k.a. can do for you.


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