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Glossary of Information Governance Concepts


This glossary of information governance concepts contains terms sourced from a wide range of disciplines: information governance, records management, knowledge management, and data governance.

Click here to view the Glossary of Information Governance Concepts.

The data model behind the glossary was designed using code-free design tools in the a.k.a. information governance software and the configuration addresses the need for multiple definitions and sources.

The glossary of information governance concepts was generated as an interactive report using code-free HTML/XML technology found in a.k.a. Information Governance software.  Navigation within this online scheme is via hyperlinks which represent the relationships created in a.k.a. between entities and metadata.

Any design, library or scheme built in a.k.a. can be published online using the inbuilt web publishing tools. Click here to see further examples of online schema generated using a.k.a.® software.

However this is only one of the many different ways in which schema built in aka can be utilized.
Click here to find out more about the many outputs that can be generated from a.k.a.® software.

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