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Autoclassification tools and techniques for information professionals


Many organisations are unable to execute their digital transformation strategies because they are unsure about how to approach automation. Autoclassification presents as a dark art because there are so many unknowns: how does it work, how much effort is involved, what is the best approach, how to realise the benefits?

To quote Gartner

Digital transformation has put data at the center of every organization. Businesses are awash with data. They struggle to identify what is most important and what actions to take (or avoid). 

Where do you start? How can you apply autoclassification to identify and appraise your valuable content?

Our training sets out to demystify the process of autoclassification, explaining concepts and processes and offering practical approaches to successful deployment.

What our training covers

 Introduction to autoclassification concepts and techniques
 Building the value proposition for autoclassification
 Use cases for autoclassification in information governance
 Determining classification and metadata requirements
 Data models that enable autoclassification
 Techniques for building rules
 Measuring precision and coverage
 Software tools for enabling autoclassification

Our courses are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can pick and choose from any of our course topics to build a customized program that meets your needs.

Who should attend

  • Information managers
  • Data and Business analysts
  • Taxonomy and ontology developers
  • Metadata managers
  • SharePoint information architects

Just in time delivery

Everyone learn best when they’re given training at the time they actually need it. With our flexible approach to training, training hours are purchased in advance and scheduled by agreement. If you need more, you can top up at any time.

Online instructor-led delivery

We use conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom for online delivery. All training sessions are recorded and published to our password protected online training portal along with training support materials.


Contact Synercon to discuss your training needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with  a quote.

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Your trainer

Conni Christensen is skilled information governance specialist with an international reputation for researching, developing and fostering best practice in metadata, taxonomies and system design.

Her ambition is to align information governance with information technology through common language and shared objectives – achieving business value and performance.

Any questions?

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