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Smart information governance solutions for people who work in today’s complex information environments.


information governance

The old ways of managing information have become ineffective and irrelevant. The job is getting too big and too complex to be managed solely by people.

The key to successful digital transformation is to design your information governance tools with automation in mind and make the systems to do the heavy lifting.

Wayfinding in Auckland Transport

Automation of recordkeeping in Auckland Transport wins IM Project of the Year at the NZ ALGIM conference.

It’s a journey

Every organisation is at a different point in its information governance journey, and that’s okay. The important thing isn’t where you are now – it’s where you’re going.

No matter how far along you are, or how far you have to go, Synercon can help you on your way.

The way things are

How are your current systems and practices holding up? Are you ready for digital transformation, or do your projects keep stalling?

First things first – take steps to ensure everyone has access to the data and information they need to get their work done.


  • Know what information you have and where it is: develop an information asset register, or review and update your existing one

The way things should be

Information governance doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are steps you can take to make it a whole lot easier.


  • Establish master data, including data catalogues
  • Set standards for master data, including harmonising language
  • Integrate retention and disposal schedules
  • Build capability into your team
  • Optimise the existing information environment, improve practices and start building non-technical infrastructure (rules and tools)

The way things could be

We’re working towards a future that embraces value-adding technology, where the systems do the hard yards and information governance is effortless.


  • Apply governance and compliance by design
  • Automate tagging with high quality fit-for-purpose metadata
  • Auto-appraise records for sensitivity, archiving and disposal 
  • Drive workflow with data
  • Transform to a data driven business

At Synercon, we combine smart technology with old-fashioned know-how to improve and automate information governance.



We build software tools for enterprise metadata, taxonomy and ontology management.


We design intelligent data models that support auto-classification and auto-appraisal, and build state of the art taxonomies and ontologies.


We share our knowledge and methodologies to bolster your in-house information governance expertise.

We built the ultimate information governance tool.

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